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Dear Ellen
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Here are some letters that you have taken the time to write to Ellen, and here are her responses also.

Sample Format:  Dear John Doe, I loved that job you did on my father's grass.  He is old and can't get out to cut it and it is just so sweet of you to do that for us.  I thank you very much.  From: Jane Smith in Oklahomo.

Dear Ellen, I`ve had my eye on this oldy for a while. Her wrinkles, dang they are like the hottest things I`ve ever seen. They turn me on, like a lightswitch. All of the other raindears raindears used to laugh and call him names .. oh sorry I kind of got off topic. Anyways, I really like her and she is like a teacher checker-uper or something of that author-a-tie [RESPECT MY ATHOR-A-TiE!] yeah so I think I love her. Her name starts with a D, I can`t really put my nostrills on it, I think it is like dede? or dada? dodo? who knows. She is extrodinary, I want her baddddd. Please help me. Signed, Oprah [OPRAH?! OPRAH WiNFREY?!] aka 1,2, steper bizzzz, get @ me!

Well Hello there Oprah[?!?!?] I love your show and i'm so so glad that you could write to me. Well i see that you have a big problem when you say that you can't put your nostrils on it, i too have a big problem when i can't put my nostrils on it. I think if i did my 1-2 step and gave my goodies at the right time i think i could hook you up with this dede(what the hell is a dede?!), dada, or dodo in an isometric instant. *Ellen Noise* i love rudolph he was one of my best students last year. but anyway back to "D" hoe i mean "d" woman. She's gotta be a hottie, if she has wrinkles. If she is in authority i could possibly get at her shellphone on my all-powerful graphing calcuphone. Yep it's new and Oprah let me tell you one thing, it is very efficient and i'm not the most technologically impaired. Oh great your racking up my minutes again Edward!! O wait you're not Edward, but anyway i have to slime i have 3 courses to prepare for today and i have to put things away from one as i pull things out for the next. Thanks for writing have a merry snailmas!

Please send all letters to or give them to us somehow in person.