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The Tuffsy Crew

Official Positions

Dear Ellen
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Official Positions
Our Purpose
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Tuffsier of The Week

We will be holding a reelection for official positions on September 27. If you would like to campaign please do just that, we need four candidates. If you already have an official position, since you were on the first round of people you will be assigned to a seat on the Shell of Tuffsy (the administration)

Club President

The president of the Tuffsy Crew is Jamesy Cameron. I pledge to be faithful to the tuffsies. I also will make a tuffsy album of lyrics for the holiday seasons to come. I have already made lyrics to popular songs and i m always updating.

Vice Presidents

Our vice presidents are Bekah Hamson and Trisha Stets. They are also faithful tuffsiers. Bekah was the actual winner, but being the nice person that she is she agreed to share the position with Trisha. Trisha is also a nice person and they both deserved it very much. Congrats both of you!

Gina Finio is the secretary for the Tuffsy Crew, she answers all the phones. Jendy Defeo is the treasurer of the Tuffsy Crew, she holds onto all of the profits. Ellen Eckturd is the teacher of the Tuffsy Crew, she does it "orally."