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V.I.P Sightings
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Tuffsier of The Week

If you guys haven't noticed, Tuffsy is a snailebrity and he also has many snailebrity friends!

March 27, 2007- Dolores was spotted by Bekah at the very end of 4th period. She was slinking around the Sigma Team pod in a hot little red number. It is believed that she was on the wrong floor of the building because she was directly above Ellen's room(I guess she likes it on top... jk) She was also harassing Timmy Naylor while washing his hands outside of the band room during 7th period.

December 12- Dolores was seen by Jamesy in the 7/8 grade split team hallway talking to mrs. henning, she had a huge stick in her hand. Dunzo also saw her in 5th period science BASHING SOMEONE'S HEAD INTO THE COMPUTER MONITOR! She's a bossy bitch!!

November 22/28(?), 2006:Dodo was noticed by TRISHA in LA. She was in 2nd period LA and was humming Christmas carols cause she's old.

September 26, 2006:DoDo(Dolores) was seen by Jamesy walking past the nurses office. She bumped into him and made him drop a book, he tried to pick it up before she snatched it but he was too slow. She plucked it up and threw it back at him. Haha that will never be forgotten.

September 12, 2006:Dolores was spotted not once, not twice, but three times.  She was said to be rummaging the halls for Ellen.  According to DUNZO! she found her and spent sixth period in her classroom.  She was even spotted breaking into the library first thing in the morning.

Prospective members are welcome to learn more about us by attending an event.