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Fahrenheit 451: Ray Bradbury

Background Information

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This book is set in the future. The fireman don't fight fires, they cause them. They start fires in people's homes if there are books in the house. No, they don't monitor the people's homes, someone has to put in an alarm that there are books in the home. You see, books are taboo in this culture. The government outlawed them because the people that read more or wrote more, would be more intelligent that others and this would cause conflict. They want everyone to be happy. They all drive the same type of car, live in the same type of house, and they have such little knowledge that they have no real emotions. They take no time to think, they just sit in their parlors which have electronic walls that are huge three-dimensional televisions, that call you by name. The doorbell doesn't make that annoying ring or play the Westminster chimes, oh no, it talks to you and calls you by name and tells you that someone is at the door.


Fahrenheit 451
By: Ray Bradbury