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Fahrenheit 451: Ray Bradbury

Main Characters

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Guy Montag- Guy is the protagonist in this story. He is a fireman who is starting to question his position in the world. He decided he wanted to read books to find out if there was anything worth reading or thinking about, which ended up costing him not only his career, but his house, his wife, his friends, and basically his life.

Faber- Faber does not come in to the book until the middle, but he was a retired college professor who was afraid to talk to anyone or leave his own house. In his time at home he invented a walkie talkie ear piece system that would later be used to help Guy Montag.

Beatty- Beatty was the captain of the firemen. He had read enough in his lifetime to be able to outwit most people including Montag. He didn't believe in the old ways of life at all.

Mildred Montag- Mildred, also known as Millie, was Guy's wife, but he felt that they were just two people that lived together. They had no emotions and she was always wrapped up in her "family" and her parlor walls.

Granger- Granger is not introduced until the very end of the book, but he plays an important role. He teaches Guy to remember without trying to remember.


Fahrenheit 451
By: Ray Bradbury