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Welcome to Lipgloss Universal, INC. Online

Our lipgloss is poppin!  Our lipgloss is cool!  I was standing at my locker and all the boys keep stoppin!

<DIV>{Chorus)Lil' Mama
What you know bout me
what you what you know bout me
Whatchu know bout me whatcu whatcu know
I said my lip closs be cool
my lip gloss be poppin'
I'm standing at my locker
and all the boys keep stopping
Whatchu know bout me whatchu whatchu know
Whatchu you know bout me whatchu whacthu know
I said my lip gloss is poppin'
my lip gloss is cool
All the boys keep jocking
they chasing after school

{Verse 1}

Mac, Loreal(yup cause I'm worth it)
Off the way I puts it on so perfect
Wipe the corners of my mouth so I work
When I walk down the hallway
They can't say nothing
oh oh oh my lips so lucious
The way I spice it up with the mac(mac) brushes
Loreal got them watermelon crushes
That's probably the reason these boys got crushes


{Verse 2}

When it's time for lunch my lips still rock
Lil' Mama mellon with that hot pink top
Cherry Vanilla flavors is a virtue
They lovin' lip gloss universal
The boys really like it
The girls don't speak
they rollin' they eyes they lip gloss cheap
it ain't my fault but I can upgrade you
Show you how to use nice things with nice flavors



Cause my lip gloss is poppin(it's poppin x4)
Cause my lip gloss is poppin(it's poppin' x4)

(Verse 3}

Sitting in 8th period thought I was in trouble
Dean called me on the loud speaker on the double
I stepped in the office like yes Ms. Mclarsin
She like girl ran outta my lip gloss and&nbsp;
write down where you get yours from
cause i must admit that bubble gum is poppin
(it's poppin x2) she ain't frontin'
and uh I be lovin it( I be I be lovin it)
and uh I be usin it(I be I be usin it)
and uh I be rubbin it(I Be I be rubbin' It)
On my lips my lips my lip gloss


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Dunzo wearing the lipgloss of the month: Bubblegum(it's poppin):

He sure does clean up nice!
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Sittin in 8th period...